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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mat's Tuesday round-up

OK, another in our irregular series of "best of the site" posts in so much as they relate to Warlord.
  • Starting off, Jeremiah has some advice on avoiding theft at an event - happy to say this has never happened to me, but then, don't have massive events on the scale of GenCon on this side of the pond.
  • Following on from this, Todd discusses deckbuilding and comes out as one of those "evil net deckers" who we all really know don't actually exist at higher tiers of play
  • Laurence has talked about the inspiration behind a deck, and has gone on to give advice on shuffling and why deck-backing is bad for your health...
  • It appears that Pete is reading Chris's mind again, as his post on playing the player as well as the game is apparently something Chris was planning on writing, good advice though - think of a CCG game as like Poker, don't give tells.
  • Finishing off, Chris has an article on building decks around combos and also a review of the card he considers to be the 5th most influential on the environment from Eye of the Storm
Also, in the comments to Chris' post on Combos, Pete links to this handy site on the odds of drawing a specific combo.


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