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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Some great columns up

I guess I better start doing my job huh?

Here in the Warlord section there are a few new columns up over the last day or so. The first set by Jeremiah talks about attended major tournaments, what to bring and what to prepare. As soon as I have access to my blog, I'll expand on that a bit talking about tournament etiquette.

Chris Dyer has completed his article on the importance of the first turn and has also added an article about luck.

Laurence gives a unique take on deckbuilding in his column today.

And lastly this morning, we have two guest columns up today. One on speed of play by Tyra and another take on luck by PeterVG.

Welcome to Warlord TaKtiX. Glad to have you reading.

-Laura (Azraela)


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